Techshop in Silicon Valley

Visited Techshop yesterday, where they have all the machinery and equipment a designer or inventor could ever want to use!

We had expected a lot of high tech machines – and those they have including a CNC plasma cutter and plastic injection moulding press – but they also have good old fashioned metal punches and wood lathes. We took a course on running CNC machines to see if it’s something BCA might get for its workshop in the future.

It was fascinating meeting the people working there, some of whom had been involved in manufacturing since the early 70’s. They can chart the history of the machines and processes we now use – one guy told us about the early days of CNC when it was just called NC (numerical control) because there were no computers and codes had to be punched onto cards.

It was also fun to see all the inspiring and out-there projects being made at Techshop. On their noticeboard we saw a group making a mobile solar power station, and another group working on the SpaceX Lunar Lander Challenge. It’s exciting times for new projects and ideas to happen.

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